Nicholas Halsey - Collection

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This collection of letters and documents is provided by the kind permission of Nicholas Halsey and relate to his grandfather, Rt Hon T F Halsey who served with the South Herts Yeomanry and its successor The Hertfordshire Yeomanry.

Notes from Nicholas:

  • Letters are mostly from Sir Charles Longmore to Rt Hon T F Halsey (N Halsey’s grandfather)
  • He (T F Halsey) is referred to as “Dear Colonel”, though this may be as Hon. Col.; I don’t know if he actually commanded.
  • I attach a list of the correspondence which I made in the 1970s
  • There is an account of the St Julien battle from P. E. Longmore’s which was sent with Sir Charles’s compliments, so I assume as it starts “Dear Father” that P.E.L. was a son of his.

Other Notes:

All scans including envelopes are included to provide context.

Extract From Senior Officers Notes

The Rt Hon Sir Frederick Halsey: Born in 1839, went to Eton and then Christ Church, Oxford. After graduating in 1861, Halsey took up the life of a county notable in Hertfordshire, obtaining a commission in the North Hertfordshire Yeomanry and becoming a Justice of the Peace. He was an English Conservative Party politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1874 to 1906. After leaving parliament he devoted himself to county affairs, serving as chairman of the St Albans Quarter Sessions from 1908 to 1918. No decision of his court was ever appealed. He finally retired from the Hertfordshire Yeomanry with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, having served as second-in-command, and then joined the county Territorial Force association, becoming its chairman.

Sir Charles Longmore: was the Honorary Colonel Hertfordshire Regiment. His son was Captain Charles Gerard Longmore, Royal Field Artillery who was killed on the 24th November 1918 and who appears in the HAWE database.