Research Activity Log

The aim of the research log is simple and that is to:

  • record work done or work in progress
  • avoid abortive work or duplication of effort, and to
  • help identify what needs to be done for our volunteers

So, to this end the Research Log shows the current state of progress on the various aspects of research – its link appears below.

To help the research log includes location references (right hand column) which can used to locate the place on the contemporary map of Hertfordshire, also linked below.


Location Research - Progress Guide
This is a guide only, based on the number of reasonably complete biographies
Detailed Research Log
Memorials/Names - Photographs Required
Map of Hertfordshire - to help locating research required

Guidance to Photographing Memorials
Guidance to Photographing Headstones - coming shortly
Guidance for sending photographs & Files

For sending very large files see "here"

If you wish to help the ‘golden rules’ are:

  1. If you already have relevant research, please let us know at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Check the research log. It is updated frequently, so always check before starting any element of the research.
  3. Always ‘book out’ a location and / or any research activities before starting.

To do any of the above or for any further information or guidance, contact the Herts At War Project’s Roll of Honour Research Coordinator: Jonty Wild (