Research Stats

We need help! The project is run by volunteers and the challenge is massive! The numbers below show the task in hand.

The numbers change often, as research is processed or we learn of new memorials, but in approximate terms the following give anticipated totals and progress made.

Total number of recorded locations 388
Number of locations with names added 228
Number of memorials confirmed 837
Number photographed 527
Total number of names to research 32621
Number of unique names (estimated) 19769
Number named who are on the website 12661
Number named who are not on a location's memorial(s) 4130
Number of biographies added in some form 8851
Number names added with no biography (or not positively identified) 3810
Total Number of names duplicated (found so far) 2026
Number of names duplicated twice (found so far) 476
Number of names duplicated three times (found so far) 94
Number of names duplicated four times (found so far) 13

All numbers are the latest estimate & may contain duplicates.