Indy Neidell - The Eastern Brusilov Offensive

05 August 2018 09:00

Indy Neidell
Subject: The Eastern Brusilov Offensive

Indy Neidell – Indiana ‘Indy’ Neidell is an American historian and globally recognised Youtube personality, leading the incredibly successful ‘The Great War’ YouTube series which documents the First World War in real-time, combining archival footage and modern research. Originally from Houston, Texas, Indy studied history at Weslyan University and now resides in Stockholm, Sweden. Indy’s ‘The Great War’ channel has over 800,000 subscribers and reaches millions of viewers around the world each month. Indy will e talking to us about the Brusilov offensive, the single most costly battle of the Great War, a battle which is little known, even to Great War experts.