Guy Walters - The Real Great Escape

18 September 2019 21:09

Guy Walters is a historian, broadcaster and regular Mail in Sunday contributor, who is well known for his books and TV series about the Second World War. He is the author of a dozen books, including four wartime thrillers and the acclaimed histories: Berlin Games, Hunting Evil - which recounts the post-war search for Nazi war criminals and the subject of our talk: The Real Great Escape. His latest television series, Nazi Victory, was screened recently in the UK, the US and across Europe.
In March 1944, some 80 Allied prisoners of war tunnelled out of a maximum-security POW camp in Lower Silesia.  Their efforts were dramatised in the film that we all know, The Great Escape.
In his talk, Guy will reflect his book ‘The Real Great Escape’ – which presents a sometimes controversial look of this iconic event.  He will take a fresh look at the escape, asking pertinent questions, looking into some of the myths and talking about the facts.

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