Chris Baker - The German Spring Offensive

21 March 2018 09:00

Chris Baker
Subject: The German Spring Offensive

Regarded as one of the foremost military history researchers in his field, Chris has probably undertaken more in depth research into the lives of First World War servicemen than any other individual. Chris is a Birmingham native who had a successful career in the world of industry before turning his hand to his real passion, military history. He has previously been the chairman of the Western Front Association and founded and runs the incredibly successful 'Long Long Trail' website. Chris has written two books on the Great War, “The Battle for Flanders: German defeat on the Lys, April 1918” and 'The Truce: the Day the War Stopped'. Both have been highly acclaimed. Chris will be talking to us about the pivotal battles that began on 21st March 1918 with a German offensive that very nearly changed the course of history.