Alan King - His Life and Experience in the Second World War

16 January 2019 19:00

Alan King - Tank Crew and Normandy Veteran
Subject: His Life and Experience in the Second World War

This is of a different format for us, one which will prove an interesting experiment and experience.

We are lucky enough to have, Alan King, a Second World War veteran, visiting us to tell us of his life and experience in the War.

He was a messenger for the Home Guard, called up for service in 1942, was sent to the Tank Corps for training, then assigned to a tank crew with the East Riding Yeomanry, becoming a wireless operator.

He trained for Valentine tanks, modified to make them float in preparation for beach landing on D-Day. He landed on the beaches having seen some terrible sights, with more following in the days after landing. His subsequent experience included holding back German Panzers, the loss of comrades and living in the tank during the day and sleeping under it at night. His tank was attacked by bazooka.

The War took him to Arnhem, Nijmegen (when Operation Market Garden commenced), s’Hertogenbosch, the Rhine, northern Holland and eventually finishing the War at Laboe, on the Baltic.

After reading all this you will realise what an honour it will be to welcome Alan to the Herts at War and what unique experience and opportunity it will be for us. Alan will speak for a short length of time and then will answer questions, so come prepared to listen and ask questions.
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