Frederic Grainger Hall


Frederic Grainger Hall


First World War

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Cheshire Regiment
13th Bn.

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1914 /15 Star, British War and Victory medals

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UK & Other Memorials

Northaw Village Memorial Chapel at Kings College Cambridge

Pre War

He was born about 1891 in Paignton, Devon, one of 6 children of The Reverend Frederic and Sophia Hall. His father was a clergyman,. In 1901 the family were living at Northaw Place School, where his father was the Headmaster, By 1911, he was an undergraduate at Kings College, Cambridge University. Went to France 1.10.15.

Wartime Service

The Cheshire Regiment took part in The Battle of The Somme started on 1 July 1916, with little success, except in the south of the battlefield. Some small gains had been made in the centre and, on 5 July, the Cheshires occupied newly captured trenches at La Boiselle. These would be the Battalion's jumping-off point for a further attack on the morning of the 7th. The trenches formed a salient into the German line and the Battalion would attack parallel to the main German front and in their full view. The following is an extract from the regimental history: “It had been arranged that the attack should be protected by smoke and by an intense barrage. But there was no smoke and our men thought the barrage particularly feeble. It is probable that, as the wind dropped, the smoke rose at once. Our advance, being thus unscreened, drew heavy artillery fire. This fire, together with machine gun fire from front and flanks, stopped the attack about half way to Ovillers.” The 13th Battalion lost eight officers killed...eleven other officers were wounded. 243 NCOs and men were killed or wounded.

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