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Video Archive 

Since the early days of the Herts at War Project one of our main goals has been to document and preserve the wartime history of not only the individuals from Hertfordshire who experienced life in The Great War, but also to document the items and artifacts or importance from the period. This archive has been established as a resource for students, historians and the public alike to view short videos on items that have a partcular relevance to the project or the county as a whole and to serve as a learning aid within informal educational settings.   

Desinged as an ongoing and updateable resource we would like to encourage students, historians, family members and history enthusiasts to contact us and become involved in contributing to this ongoing archive. As a volunteer-led community project we have relied upon the enthusiasm of our supporters to produce these short videos as well as the general public who have kindly loaned many items to us for display and documentation. If you would like to be involved in producing short videos on an item or artifact that you feel should be preserved and rememered, then please contact us here.

We plan over the centenary period to develope a comprehensive database of video clips on a broad range of items such as:
  • Military unifroms and equipment
  • Medals and Decorations
  • Letters and personal effects
  • Individual family stories
  • Food and everyday items
  • Weaponry
  • Military documentation
  • Maps and photographs
  • Personal wartime stories
  • Home-front everyday items

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