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Research Guide – Overview
NOTE: Please help us to keep the website working and ‘professional’ looking, by letting us know of any website issues no matter how large or small, e.g. operational, errors, omissions and even spelling mistakes.
Typically the help we require includes:

  1. Give the ‘proper’ name of each the memorial you are going to research.
  2. Visit locations in Hertfordshire to confirm the existence or otherwise of memorials.
  3. Visit memorials to photograph them and any names appearing.
  4. Transcribe the names from memorials or photographs to enable research.
  5. Transferring the information to HAW website Word or Excel templates.
  6. Visit cemeteries to photograph the headstones of the men
  7. Researching memorial names by adding basic information from the Commonwealth War Grave Commission’s database.
  8. Add further information from additional resources and other research opportunities, e.g.:
    1. The Soldiers Died in the Great War*1
    2. The census*2
    3. The men’s service records*3
  9. Identifying duplication between memorial names.
For locations with large numbers of names we can arrange for the research work to be split to reduce the workload.

*1 and *2 Requires the ownership or loan of the CD database or membership of a relevant genealogy website.
*3 Requires the membership of a relevant genealogy website.

Volunteers can help with any or all aspects of the research at any location of their choice, but always:

  • Check the research log to ensure that the activity for the chosen location has not already been done or is already underway.
  • Notify the project’s Roll of Honour Research Coordinator of which activity, or activities, you wish to take and at which location BEFORE STARTING! (email).
It is suggested that having read these brief details and with some idea of what you wish to do now is the time to obtain more details by reading the full research guide.

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