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The Research Log

We need help, the project is run by volunteers and the challenge is massive!  

Numbers change almost daily, but in general terms we have to research all of the following, although in some cases it is simply to prove whether a memorial exists or not or to identify duplicated names:
Total number of recorded locations 357
No. of locations with names added 208
No. of memorials confirmed 768
No. photographed 491
Total no. of men named on memorials 30705
Number of unique names (estimated) 19542
No. named who are on the website 13979
No. named so far who are not on the location's memorial(s) 4076
No. of profiles added 5731

All numbers are the latest estimate & may contain duplicates.
View the current Research Log - Shows the current state of progress on the various aspects of research
Map of Hertfordshire - Shows the location references used by the research log above (right hand column)
If you can add or correct any information especially relating to the existence
or otherwise of memorials or missing towns or villages, please email.
If you would like to receive newsletters about our research, 
please email.

The aim of the research log is simple – to avoid duplication of effort and abortive work.  So to that end:
  • If you already have relevant research please supply it at the earliest opportunity
  • The research is updated frequently - always check before starting any element of the research.
  • Always book out a location and / or any research activities before starting.
To do any of the above or for any further information or guidance, contact the Herts At War Project’s Roll of Honour Research Coordinator:  Jonty Wild (jontywild@hertsatwar.co.uk)


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