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Welcome to Herts at War

The Herts at War Exhibition is currently closed.

Following a very successful year in Letchworth Garden City and 5-months in Sawbridgeworth we are now busy preparing for our next phase of the project, details to be released shortly. 

As a community founded non-profit project we rely on our fantastic supporters and volunteers to continue to drive the project forward. We are now looking for volunteers who would like to help staff the exhibition, conduct first hand research and assist members of the public with enquiries. If you would like to be involved, or want to know more then why not email us at volunteer@hertsatwar.co.uk

Herts at War is a community led project to commemorate the diverse experiences of Hertfordshire during the First World War. The project aims to uncover the untold stories of the county’s men and women, both on the fighting front and the home front, and commemorate these individuals a century on from the conflict.

By looking at the experiences of the people of Hertfordshire, recording and re-telling those stories, we will raise awareness of how the war had a far wider impact on everyday life for each and every citizen that lived through that time.

Whether it be a soldier fighting on the frontline, a Zeppelin Raid on a county town, a Conscientious Objector harrangued in the street or an anxious mother waiting for a child that would never return, these experiences shaped and changed both the county and the country as we know it today. It is these experiences that the Herts at War team will highlight and preserve for future generations. This project, led by the community, for the community, will form a platform for remembrance throughout Hertfordshire during the centenary of the single most devastating conflict in British history.

Through this website, a pop-up museum exhibition, live events and bespoke battlefield tours we hope to bring the forgotten story of the war back to the county.

The Herts at War website has been created as an ongoing project where members of the public will be able to actively participate in the development of the site. We are looking for people just like you who would like to do some research or tell a family story. We already have a small dedicated team who will be uploading information as the project progresses. So please check back on a regular basis to see how the project continues to grow. By the end of the centenary in 2018 this website is expected to house information on tens of thousands of individuals who served their country and had a connection to Hertfordshire. For regular updates please join us on Twitter and Facebook at the top of the page.

The Herts at War Team 

This website was kindly funded by North Hertfordshire District Council's Letchworth Area Committee in Spring
2013. Follow the link to visit the NHDC site.

We are also pleased to be supported by many organisations throughout Hertfordshire in the establishment of the the Herts at War exhibition and in supporting outreach to schools and organisations throughout the county. Special mention should be made to our major project partners in the Heritage Lottery fund and Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation.

Herts at War 12th August 2013.

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