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Hertfordshire Newspaper Archive

During the Great War newspapers played a pivotal role in news gathering and sharing of information with the wider community. Hertfordshire was covered by a series of newspapers ranging from those that reported on specific towns such as the Letchworth & Baldock Citizen to the Hertfordshire Mercury which covered the entire county. 

Generally speaking each newspaper contained a comprehensive 'war news' section which informed locals about progress in the war and gave regular updates on local men and women on foreign service. They also had the unenviable task of reporting war casualties, an occurrence that was all too common in papers from late 1914 onwards. 

The pages of local papers, written 100 years ago will be reproduced here to serve as a lasting legacy for Great War remembrance throughout the county of Hertfordshire. Each paper will be 'released' 100 years later to the day that the original issue was printed. In publishing records in this manner we hope that it will be possible to experience the same emotions and understand the same local issues as our county ancestors of a century ago. 

In digitising documents such as local newspapers we will not only inform the public about the Great War but also about the issues that were important to residents in everyday life. This archive will form a fascinating addition to the Herts at War Project and will be available for all to use and enjoy both during and after the Great War centenary. 

We are working closely with county based museums and hope to reproduce the following publications word for word from August 2014 to November 2018.

orth Herts   Express
ertfordshire     Mercury
ertfordshire      Express
he Citizen

Currently we plan to release the first issues in August 2014 in assiciation with our major project partner, The Comet. Details of the real-time release schedule from August 2014 can be obtained  here.

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