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Get Involved - Volunteering

This is a community project, designed by, and for the people of Hertfordshire and those further afield with an interest in remembrance and military history. As such the project is driven by our dedicated team of volunteers who not only operate the project but also decide upon the direction it takes. With an incredibly wide range of volunteers from all age groups and sectors we can truly say that this project is a community one - From military historians with decades of research experience to IT students with none, we appreciate all the effort our volunteers make, and are able to cater to every new offer of help, no matter how large or small. 

The project itself is divided into distinct 'strands' that intertwine to form a whole, each strand having its own team leader, areas of particular concern, and available roles for volunteers to be come involved in. So far our 'Roll of Honour' has formed the flagship of the project with over 50 active volunteers and groups working to identify and document the story of every single wartime casualty from the county of Hertfordshire. If you would like to know more about volunteering fro the ROH team then you can find details here.

Outside the Roll of Honour we have a huge range of roles available, with scope to provide many more. The chart below lists some of the opportunities and areas that you could become involved in, no matter your level of skill or expertise. 

 So please check out the site, the options, the aims, and contact us on volunteer@hertsatwar.co.uk - if you have a minute or a month to spare that you would like to spend volunteering we would love to hear from you!

Some of the areas you could help with....

Groups, Societies & Organisations:

If rather than an individual, you represent a group or society that would like to become involved, or perhaps is already working on a similar area that you might like to collaborate on, we would be pleased to discuss details with you. Even if you are working on a project but do not want to contribute to Herts at War, please let us know, we really are a community project and will still promote you and share information anyway!

If you represent a university department, school or college, history club or set of like-minded students we are happy to discuss side projects that feed directly into the website and museum exhibition and allow contributors to see their own design, text or ideas come to fruition. We are already working with a number of schools and colleges and are certain that we could offer something valuable in return for just a little of your time.



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