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The Stevenage of 1914 was a very different place to the one that we see today. The growth and development of the town to its current size of approximately 80,000 residents is a result largely of Stevenage being designated a 'New Town' under the post Ww2 scheme of the same name. The Stevenage that residents would have known at the start of The Great War, by contrast, was a traditionally small Hertfordshire county town of little over 4,000 residents. 

Despite its relatively meagre size, Stevenage still made a sizeable contribution in manpower to The Great War, and thus also paid a high price for the patiotism of its residents. ??? men from the town laid down their lives between 1914 and 1919 in all services of the British armed forces. 

Those men, who were to leave Stevenage never to return, are listed here below, each with details of the one way journey that they made when they answered their country's call... 






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