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Acknowledgments and Data Sources:

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As our men’s basic biographies are limited one side of A4 we are often tight for space (further information is added on additional information sheets).  As a consequence we cannot always add all of the acknowledgements for the main, or most common, sources of information to each sheet.  We prefer, in the space available, to ensure that the researchers and personal information providers receive acknowledgement there.  However, must not ignore the main sources of information that most of our project’s researchers use by default, or the other ‘normal’ sources that those going into more detail refer to – without these our project would not be possible within the time that most can afford to spend. 
Here we try to acknowledge all of these ‘main’ sources of information.  It should be noted that not all the research done uses all these records.  Rather they represent the most commonly used.  Please tell us if you think we have missed any:
Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)
The CWGC provides free access to its digital database on the internet (www.cwgc.org).  This is the most important database of all and once you have a name it is the starting point for all research – the first port of call!
Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19
The other major digital database is the 'Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19' available on DVD or by subscription or pay per view from various genealogy websites or can be viewed for free at the Imperial War Museum London or The National Archives, Kew, Surrey.
Census Records
Available by subscription or pay per view from various genealogy websites or digital databases on CD/DVD from genealogy specialists or can viewed for free at some local libraries.
Baptism, Marriage and Other Official Records
As census records above or some information is available for free (www.freebmd.org.uk)
National Roll of the Great War
This is available in book form or by subscription or pay per view on various genealogy websites.
De Rivigny's Roll of Honour 1914-1918
This is available in book form (the originals are far better quality then the newer re-prints) or by subscription or pay per view on various genealogy websites.
The Roll of Honour Website (www.roll-of-honour.com)
Although all of the Herts At War Project research has been independently verified all its research this excellent website has proved very useful in helping to narrow our research or to help confirm that what we have found is right.  It is also very useful when researching memorials outside of Hertfordshire.
Local newspapers are a good source of information and photographs, particularly for those killed or wounded.  Some may be available at local libraries or museum, but the main and most comprehensive source is the British Newspaper Archive, which is available on-line by subscription or pay per view (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) or for free by visiting the British Library St Pancras (London).
Overseas Hertfordshire Soldiers
There are men, originally from Hertfordshire, that served with armies from overseas – most commonly with Canada (Library and Archive Canada) or Australia (Australian War Memorial)
1918 Absent Voters List
A copy is held by Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (HALS).  It lists the names of the men over the age of twenty-one who were on active service and who were eligible to vote in their home constituency.  It was compiled from details supplied by the men themselves before the closing date of August 18th 1918.
The British Army World War One Service Records
Unfortunately approximately sixty percent of all these records was destroyed by bombing in World War Two, however where they exist they are invaluable for undertaking more detailed research on a serving man or woman.  They can be searched for and viewed by subscription or pay per view from various genealogy websites or can be consulted in person for free at the National Archives, Kew, Surrey.
Battalion/Regimental War Diaries and Naming
They are the factual records of a battalion, battery or larger military group’s movements and actions.  Transcriptions can occasionally be found for free on the internet (the Hertfordshire’s War Diaries can be viewed on this website www.hertsatwar.co.uk/hertfordshire-regiment and the Bedfordshire’s at www.bedfordregiment.org.uk), but it is often necessary to visit a regimental museum, buy using the National Archive website or the fantastic facilities that are offered when visiting the National Archives in Kew. 
Other Sources
Of course there have been many, many, other sources of information, including written sources, book authors, relatives and the Internet, but most important of all, our Herts At War volunteer researchers as without them we have nothing (see the Research Log www.hertsatwar.co.uk/researchlog).  Although difficult to do thoroughly, we hope that we have acknowledged all of these on the relevant website biographies.  If any provider believes that we have failed to do so, we apologise and ask that you notify us so that we can rectify the omission as soon as possible.  This can be done via jontywild@hertsatwar.co.uk.
We have tried very hard not to make errors; however it is all too easy to make mistakes even when, or perhaps, especially when, we cross reference multiple sources.  Often the spelling of a surname varies, even between parents and children; if born out of wedlock sons carry their mother’s maiden name and, occasionally, men preferred to use their middle name rather than their first name.  Sometimes men are even recorded by their ‘nickname’.  There are also many examples of men with the same name, so mistakes are all too easy to make and the Herts At War Project wishes to apologise for any and all that may have been included – please help us correct them if you can and to add any other information you have - this can be done via jontywild@hertsatwar.co.uk.
Sharing Our Research and New Information
The aims of the Herts At War Project are to commemorate, educate and interact (see Our Aims) and to make all our research available to all and for new and additional information to be captured and recorded for posterity.  To that end and where copyright permits all that we have will appear on this website.  Please use it and spread the word to help commemorate the men and women of Hertfordshire that appear here.  All we ask in return is that you acknowledge the source as www.hertsatwar.co.uk and where possible you provide any new information of photographs to us so that we can add them for the benefit of all.

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